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That's What She Said

Thank you to everyone for your kind and encouraging comments yesterday. It means a lot to me!

When I’m starving to death I’ll print out the comments and eat them. See how nice I am? I could have said I was going to burn them to keep warm. It turns out poverty has humbled me.

Please stick with the positive and helpful commenting when you read this week’s “That’s What She Said.” No lectures, please. I’m stressed out and the last thing I need is a lecture on the dangers of pharmaceuticals. It’s not like I’m injecting heroin. Speaking of which, is heroin more or less expensive than a wine addiction? WHAT? Dealers deliver, the Utah State Liquor store does not. I’ll save gas money and the planet.


  • Yeah but heroin doesn’t taste as good as wine. Not that I know by experience or anything!

  • If it makes you feel any better, I sleep eat, and I have never taken Ambien in my life…

    And if the wine store delivered I would never leave my house…

  • That honestly cracks me up! You learn something every day. I already knew from a past experience not to drink on a plane after taking Ambien…but now I know not to shop online either. Thanks for the warning!

  • If you don’t know Jen Lancaster, you should.

    She has the same, exact problem:


  • You aren’t alone. Another blogger that I read who also is an author wrote about her sleep shopping habit (http://www.jennsylvania.com/). Only her sleep shopping habit bought her a life sized Barbie head.

    But on a more somber side (I’m not lecturing, just informing), this just happened to a man in Wisconsin after he took Ambien: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,480069,00.html

  • Very good :) Next time why don’t you sleep shop something my way, mkay? Thaaaanks.

  • Have you gone to the fin. aid office at your school? I was amazed at all the tricks they have at U of W to get money for students. Not all grants, some loans, but I got more grant money than I thought I would!

  • I’m so glad to see someone else talking about this. My boyfriend and I have had several experiences with taking Ambien and not remembering things we did. Mine not as embarrassing as his, but nonetheless, nothing I’m mentioning here!

  • My friend T has a sleepwalking problem. One time he wandered into the apartment downstairs from his (two women, left the front door unlocked by mistake) and curled up on the couch. He woke up in handcuffs getting yelled at by a police officer.

  • I quit smoking a month ago and I am still taking Chantix. WOW, I have had some crazy dreams and I also have a little bit of an sleep-ebaying habit.

    When I check my email every morning I see messages confirming my bids and I have NO recollection of bidding. And since you can’t retract your bid I just have to cross my fingers that someone out bids me. Luckily I don’t put in outrageous bids and the items that I bid on are items that I would actually want or had looked at previously.

    Also, I have these very vivid dreams where I sort of “live my life” in my dream and have de ja vus constantly.

    After hearing your story on Ambien I don’t think I will be trying it any time soon or if I do I would need to get a boyfriend so he could make sure I don’t do anything stupid.

  • Ambien sounds more dangerous then smoking a joint and having a glass of wine or two..That always helps me sleep better

  • Ambien is crazy! I would do the same thing.. Texting, emailing, phone calls. I woke up several times finding my car park funny in the garage and once on the neighbors driveway. I even downed half a bottle of Jack and woke up to the vomit in the shower the next day.

  • I’ve done the same thing. I actually ordered a desk online! That I had to put together and had a million pieces! I would have returned it but apparently my sleep shopping doesn’t bother to check the return fees. BTW, I’m not giving up my Ambien. And, I’ve sent crazy emails to people too.

  • very funny, and also so scary! I must never ever ever, no never!, take Ambien because my Amazon issues are already a little out of control.

  • Last weekend we went to rent a movie at “Gifts” and the lady working there was telling us “all” about her daughter driving and shopping while taking Ambien. Her daughter had drove to Wallmart in the middle of the night and bought a bag of random stuff and then later that week had yelled at her roommates thinking one of them had stolen her credit card. …. maybe just stick to wine.

  • I wouldn’t believe it if it was written by anyone else…that was the craziest-funniest-I’ve got a story to tell you-I’ve read all week.

  • I take Ambien on occasion, and it’s a miracle worker! No hangover the next morning, like other sleeping pills, and I sleep really well. I’ve had a few incidents like yours, but none have cost me anything but a little pride so far.

  • Hello, I can’t understand how to add your blog ( http://www.sarahnielson.com ) in my rss reader

  • I’ve had my head up my ass since this freakin year began or I would have wished you continued good luck with school, work, etc..off to drink summore..night.

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