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That's What She Said

This week’s “That’s What She Said.” It’s a PDF again. I tried to find the link on our new In Utah website, but couldn’t. After five minute of the “where’s Sarah” game I gave up. Yup, that’s me… I give up AND bash on chick flicks.

**Thanks to the IN Utah Twitter folks for sending over the actual link.


  • I agree completely. We don’t need a man to validate us. Which is why this T-shirt from thinkgeek is perfect. http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts-apparel/womens/b3e7/

    By the way have you seen the movie “Push” it’s excellent.

  • I read your column about chick flicks. Wise words Sarah. Wise words.
    And I was pleased to hear you admit being happy.

    People that enjoyed Sarah Nielson’s column, may also like this:

  • I have this theory that people who make it their business to try to get singles coupled just want everyone else to be as miserable as they are. Not that I’m miserable as a coupled person, but then I’m not trying to hook up all my single peeps either.

    Also, romantic comedies, while fun to watch, really do a disservice to women by making them think that there’s a perfect guy out there who will sweep them off their feet and save them and make them happy ever after. There is no such man. Everyone is flawed in some way, and all relationships take compromise. A lot of women need to take a big whiff of this reality.

  • Sadly, it’s not just women that are seen as incomplete without a mate. My ex was telling me how many of his friends and family are trying to set him up with “a nice girl”. But then again, there’s not an entire film genre devoted to the sad lives of single guys.

    And Tracie, I adore that shirt!

  • Okay, maybe we expect to much from a movie. After all, the entire purpose of being of a chick flick is to entertain. And most of them fulfil that purpose reasonably to excellently.

  • I’m not a fan of chick flicks, but I don’t feel like the message is that you have to have a man to be happy. It seems that the message is more about finding that other half who brings a sense of balance and peace to your life. Since meeting my husband, I have become much more secure and confident with myself than I ever was without him. And it is because of the direct influence that he has on me. The right person does make you feel complete. They do fulfill that other half that is missing.

  • Anonymous: I’ll tell you what I’m missing after reading your comment – my lunch.

    (because I vomited, in case I didn’t make that clear)

  • I’m gonna go ahead and agree with Cat on that one. I love my boyfriend, I’m glad he’s in my life and I feel lucky about our wonderful relationship, but I was complete person before I met him. Fully functional human being. One whole person.

  • Great article Sarah! I’m a 30 something single guy living in Utah and I’ve had it up to here with people assuming that I’m somehow broken as a person because I don’t have a spouse on my arm at the moment. Happiness is not a private club for couples. I’m not claiming that I prefer to be single, but I can sure as hell make a conscious choice to be happy with my life as it is. Besides, I’ve known enough unhappy couples to know that a “relationship” is not a magic key to eternal bliss.

  • Sarah… ever seen the movie Little Black Book?

    That one’s my favorite.

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