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That's What She Said–A Year in Review

This week’s “That’s What She Said.”   This is where I come up with some clever remark, but I’m far too busy nursing my twisted ankle.  Ladies, don’t wear high heels on a snow day.  Your excitement to wear your new shawl will be overshadowed by a swelling ankle.  Wear ugly, sensible shoes.  Trust me.

Also of note: I do know the difference between Jonathan and Jordan Knight.  When I saw the picture of the wrong Knight brother the paper ran alongside my column I cringed and hoped no one would notice their mistake.  After quite a few emails this morning I realize that lots of people know the difference between the two, which means I’m not the only NKOTB obsessed fan… I KNEW IT!!


  • Um, why does your article talk about your love for Jonathan Knight…alongside a picture of Jordan? Just curious!

  • You forgot to put “Not visiting my friend kel in SD” as a low on your list. I think it was supposed to be number 1???

  • I am waiting for those pajamas that look like work clothes.

  • This might tag me as an idiot (or, OLD), but I didn’t catch the Jordan/Jonathan thing. I’m not a fan of overbites on guys, so I can’t get on board with Jordan, but this is a good pic of him. Put a bag over his head, tell him not to talk, and I’d tap that.

  • I’m still wearing stilettos in 8 inches of snow and negative temperatures. Fashion knows no weather conditions :).

  • You must rid yourself of the offending shoes IMMEDIATELY! It is the only way to heal your ankle! Shoe karma laws, I swear. Now, just send them to me and you’ll be all better. I swear, I’m not just trying to get your shoes here, it’s simple physics!

  • Yeah 2008.. what a year! Im ready for 2009 now.. as u said… bring it!

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