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That's What She Said… about Dating and Math.

This week’s “That’s What She Said” is all about my inability to figure out dating equations. You guys, math is HARD! I’m suddenly wishing I’d paid a little more attention in College Algebra. You can download the PDF here.


  • Good column. I’ve got good news for you: once you get that perfect relationship, you can totally lapse back into homebodyness and lounge around in your sweats or pantsless glory, only this time with a companion. Mr. E and I do it all the time. But I’m afraid the sexy jeans and leaving the house bit will be necessary to get to point B.

  • Loved this column. So raw, so real. You’ll find a good guy. It’s just that you need to come to San Diego to find him.

  • Which means you need to move here. Don’t worry, I’ll have m house with a pool soon enough.

  • I think focusing on dating for the In column is a good idea.

    It’s hard to separate the men from the boys — or own up to your own bad impulses — without a couple of failed epic relationships. I think a good burning is just par for the course. At least you don’t have to learn that after getting married and squirting out some kids. That probably makes things way less convenient.

  • I agree with Kel, I Love this column! I love hearing your honesty pour out.

    That said, I don’t agree with Kel that you need to move, even if the guys outside of Utah are more well rounded. I’d like you to stay because I’m selfish like that.

  • I met my boyfriend of five years in college algebra. :D

  • i liked the column sarah. you will find the one – and he better be perfect :)

  • It was a great column, Sarah. But seriously? Who is the ‘Max’ person who keeps commenting on the column’s page? He needs to seriously get laid and chill the fuck out.

  • Thanks for putting into words exactly what I feel. This is as I sit at my computer, eating leftover Chinese. Did I mention I ordered said Chinese to eat while watching a movie, alone, last night? Some days it really is easier to go home, take of your pants and sit on the couch alone rather then to go out and face the single world.

  • Max was rather harsh, but it may be good to take inventory of what you’re willing to offer in a relationship. No decent man is going to show up and give you everything you ever wanted, be content to live in a Hello Kitty house, and for Heaven’s sake, never have personality or needs of his own!

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