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That's What She Said… About Ditching a 5K

Read my column this week to hear about my worthless attempt at running a 5K.

In my defense it’s not all laziness, but also because I suck at anything athletic. I’m a total klutz. Seriously, do you know any other women who carry emergency Hello Kitty Band-Aids in their purse?


Those Band-Aids came in handy yesterday. I was walking down a flight of stairs, at school, when I caught sight of a handsome man. I’m so used to seeing young boys at school that I just had to get a closer look. Which I did, as I tumbled down the stairs past him.

I was so busy yelping in pain, when I hit the floor, to even notice if he had a wedding ring on. Which is fine, since I needed time to apply 12 Band-Aids to my bloody knee, not to flirt.

See? Ditching the 5K probably saved my freaking life.


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