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That's What She Said… About Facebook Sucking Ass

If you’re a huge fan of Facebook you’ll probably want to skip this week’s column for In Utah This Week. I’m in the midst of an anti-Facebook crisis. I just hate it so much lately. I’d rather do homework than log in, which pretty much tells you THE END OF THE WORLD IS COMING!

Prepare my wicked readers. As for my righteous readers: Do you have your food storage ready? Do you have a stocked wine cellar? If so, what’s your address?


  • now if i agree with you that facebook is um blase , dont mistake me for an ass kisser, yours or anyone elses! as for the “end of days” on the father knows, so no i wont store food or wine, and if and when armageddeon comes take me in the first wave! thats reality, you can have the earth, so much for my lil bitter diatribe!

  • I went to facebook only because one of my profs said it was the best way to contact him. Fine. I feel the same way about the “friend requests” I have allowed some from the past, but rejected many more. Only those who I like on FB get my blog addy, and twitter info. And most of them feed the “flair” addiction I now have. Twitter is WAY better. BTW, WTH is friendster?

  • I dread my mother getting on FB too. It was so much easier when it was just a few friends. Now I just get pissed off over political differences, try to learn to bite my tongue so as not to cause drama (I said something negative about Oprah once that ended up as a several day fight amidst my friends who didn’t even know each other), and press ‘hide’ on all the lame applications people use.

    But I’m still addicted.

  • The applications are out of control. Just as an experiment, I took the “What Jane Austen Character are you” quiz multiple times with different answers, and I kept getting Elizabeth Bennett. It’s like they didn’t want to hurt your feelings by giving you anyone else. I just wanted to be Mr. Palmer from Sense and Sensibility, or maybe Elizabeth Bennett’s dad. They are funny.

  • I agree on the mother on facebook Sarah, now when i want to call facebook a whore, i have to remember that my mother is watching.

  • i’m with you re: fb chess

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