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That's What She Said… About Female Friendships

To read this week’s “That’s What She Said” column online go here. To download the PDF version go here.

This week I talk about my friendships with Kelli, Summer, and Susan. Of course I used a “Sex and the City” comparison because, well, I wanted to and it’s my damn column.


  • I’ve only met you twice, but I never thought your nose was funky.

  • I’m a man of action. I can’t abide all this talk. I want stuff to happen. So, rev up that sex drive, transport female bodies across state lines and then, dish,dish,dish. I’ll be your huckleberry.

  • I don’t think you have a weird nose either. And it should be said that Kel is decidedly heterosexual and in luuurv with a CCB of her very own, just in case anyone confuses the character for the actress.

  • You might not have a Stanford, but you have an Rlo! Basically the same thing right?

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