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That's What She Said… About Getting Used to Change

To read my column for In Utah This Week go here. The column is about adjusting to a new home.. which isn’t going as well as I had hoped. I still want to punch my bathroom in the face. I haven’t been able to have a bath in two weeks.


I’m showering, so there’s not a hazardous waste issue going on. I just want to soak in the bathtub. My entire world is thrown off when I can’t have a night tubby. I get grumpy and my wine consumption goes way up, which is good for the economy but saving the world isn’t at all relaxing.


  • i only shower to wash my hair. thats this comments tmi! i prefer a hot tub bath, really gets the dirt out and makes my mind and spirit go ahh! now i can deal with the asshole s in the mail and on the phone and the bots pushin their nude bodies on my mobile! i may end up goin back to whiskey, which is my winter mind chillin, depression killin drink! to quote william devane in payback, ” .. do not shit where you live er or eat! “

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