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That's What She Said… about Hate Mail

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  • Just have the hate mail sent to me. I won’t get my feelings hurt, and I’ll send you the funny ones.

    And yes, please write about dating! People that bitch about it are the ones who are the most jealous because they settled down with the wrong person and can’t/won’t leave.

    You rock, Sarah!

  • When did it become okay to say mean hurtful things and just call it an opinion?
    The definition of “opinion” is not, “free pass to say any shitty thing that comes to your peanut sized brain.”
    If you do not like reading something, put the article down.
    There are so many causes that can be championed out there. If you need to go to battle about something, choose to speak out on children being raped, hungry or homeless. A little belligerence about those topics in my “opinion” could be helpful.
    And that is just the tip of the iceberg, really.
    In the end, what you choose to direct your energy toward in the name of change and even sometimes hate, is telling of the kind of human being you are and what kind of difference you want to make on the planet.
    The truth is, YOU have the job as the lifestyle writer because you have enough wit and charm to call things as you see them, and actually be funny. Take the feedback, but don’t take it personally. And tell your mom that you are not too picky or too old. That comment cracked me up.
    XOXOXO Beotch!

  • Fun life in media, eh? My mom always gets sad when people call me stupid in the comments of my news stories. Oh, well, I say. At least my mom thinks I’m good.

  • I would sooooo suck at dealing with hate mail >.< Stay strong!! Majority of people love you :) and I’m sorry, but reading someones Diary is the coolest thing ever!

    Dear Diary,

    today I got my first period. and I think Johnny has a crush on me. Teehee.

    Love, Sarah.
    p.s. Don’t tell mom!

  • I’d say fuck ‘em
    Funny column though :)

  • You’re the penguin to my batman. There is definitely a hallmark card buried in there.

  • Ah, hatemail. That’s when you know you’re “awesome in a public forum”.

    Can’t wait to read about the next batch of losers, here’s hoping there at least a few winners in there. Or at least a few losers with giant…feet.

  • “…You’re very pretty but you are old and need to settle down fast.”

    That quote made me chuckle and whatnot.

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