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That's What She Said… About Having the Swine Flu

To read this week’s column for In Utah This Week online go here. To download the PDF version go here.

And if you’re just as sick as hearing about the damn swine flu as I am then you can flip me off and ignore this post altogether. I wrote my column last week, but should have known the media would beat it to death. Sorry!


  • Aw, but I was waiting for you to be America’s first swine flu casualty (cause that other one doesn’t count — that kid was from Mexico, he just died in our borders!). And when I say that, I mean it in a really good way. I mean, think of the publicity!

  • I’m glad you survived. Miss you!

  • So, now the united states v of amerika shoots pigs not just horses. At least pigs don’t fly.

  • i’m sorry you missed maria taylor, cos she’s fantastic! but sleep, laziness and tv-series are not to be underestimated. glad you’re feeling better :)

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