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Typos are the bane of my existence. Seriously. They haunt me as much as old relationships do.

Yet I still make them ALL THE TIME!

Sometimes the copy editors catch the mistakes and sometimes they don’t. The worst feeling in the world is seeing those typos in print. Sigh.

I wish my typos were limited to my column, but they aren’t. There are typos in my text messages more often than not. Like the time I tried to send a text message to a co-worker telling them to “give me a sec” but it came out “give me a sex.”

Yeah, that was fun to explain.

With that said, here’s my typo filled column for this week. Luckily the typos on the website were changed. Print, though? Not so much. For the print version you can download the PDF here.

How early is too early to start drinking?

No really?


1:00 pm?



  • take your phone off predicitve text when texting …. it takes a a few secs longer, but at least typos aren’t as huge an issue … only then you start using txt spk mor coz u cnt b bovrd 2 spl it out!

    btw, you have heard of setting your spell check to auto right? But then that only works for properly mis-spelled words not ones that actually make other words…

  • It’s never too early to START drinking if you never stopped in the first place. Just sayin’.

  • That Max dude is a Dick.

  • I don’t know you, so maybe I would come to the conclusion that you are too damn picky, BUT here is the theory I believe. When the right guy comes along, you won’t pick him apart. Hell, you may not even notice dorky things about him that you would with another guy. All because you don’t care. If he’s the right one, you’ll just want to be with him. (Until marriage, and then all this goes out the window and they drive you nuts. But some days are good, so you stick it out.)

  • Your typos are completely the copy editor’s fault. Catching typos is a copy editor’s main objective. That’s not to say that an occasional oversight might not slip through, but if there are multiple errors in your article, chances are your editor either didn’t read it or is not cut out to be a copy editor. Back in the day, I would have killed for such a job, and I would have totally kicked ass at it.

    It’s my policy to always read my texts before sending them for that very reason. There is almost always something that needs changing, and sometimes that something is embarrassing.

  • I recently moved and found my magic date ball that a college roommate gave me. I’d be happy to send it to you! :)

  • A newspaper I used to work for printed a story that inaccurately claimed the town fire chief was a homosexual rapist.

    All because of a typo.

    Shit happens.

  • I am typo QUEEN.

    And I love the photo of the day. Damn, you should have entered it for the Greeblepix contest this month.

  • What is the state law for serving drinks? 11? 12? Whatever THAT is, I would say is the correct time to start drinking. I mean if they are allowed to serve it to you, then that means it is totally legit. Just sayin…

    Oh and internet trolls are cowardly assholes.

  • Honey you must remember the rules….one can only drink Champagne BEFORE lunch and then after lunch one can drink wine until cocktail time…..which is 5pm…….just follow the RULES….

  • I tried to text “I’m a dork” but when I hit send it said “I’m a fork”

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