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That's What She Said: Seeking Reformation with Pilate

Published in Now Salt Lake on July 18th 2011

In my ongoing effort to find a fitness class I like, I decided to try a Pilates reformer class. In reality, a friend tricked me into going after she read my ninja class column a few weeks ago. She hates exercise almost as much as I do, so I find her a very good authority on all things workout related.

I’ve done regular Pilates but knew nothing about the reformer classes. I spent more time than I’d like to admit watching videos on YouTube. I was intrigued and 100 percent intimidated. My friend suggested 9th & 9th Pilates. After checking out their website, I decided if I was going to make it through a class without major embarrassment, I would need to take a private lesson first. There is a $10 reformer orientation class, but I’m horrible with fitness instructions and benefit from personal attention. A private class is $65 and worth every cent. Without the one-on-one instruction I would have never made it through a class.

I walked into the studio, took one look at the reformer machine and considered bolting. In fact, had the owner not spotted me I would have. Those damn machines are terrifying. It’s a cross between an ancient torture device and an exam table at the gynecologist’s office.

My private class was with Verena, who was fantastic and incredibly patient. She took the time to really explain the fundamentals to me and didn’t mind my constant barrage of questions. I left feeling a little more confident about attending a real class. I decided to start with the beginner class, which was perfect for me. The class was slow enough I could keep up without being too overwhelmed.

There were a few moves I wasn’t able to master. Tucking my hips seems to be a trouble spot for me. I swear my hips are fused differently than everyone else in the world.
Luckily I was able to avoid any highly embarrassing mistakes. There was a close call as I stupidly applied tons of lotion to my feet before the class. Slippery feet in a reformer class are not ideal. My feet slipped from the bar a few times and each time the instructor adjusted my positioning I was worried she would think my feet were sweaty. I didn’t want to be remembered as a gross, sweaty girl. In spite of that, I enjoyed the class enough to sign up for additional classes. I still need to find a cardio workout I like, but the Pilates class is a definite keeper. Any workout I don’t need to wear shoes is my kind of workout.

For real, non-Sarah info please visit: 9thand9thpilates.com or email them at info@9thand9thpilates.com. Don’t tell them I sent you; otherwise they may check your feet for excessive sweating.


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