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That's What She Said… about "Star Trek"

You can read this week’s “That’s What She Said” online here. You can download the PDF version here.


  • I have a problem with this too, but not because I’m a nerd. At least not of the sci-fi variety. More of the grammarnazi variety.

  • chaw’ jIH QaH SoH vetlh vo’ tlhej vetlh Doch ta’ta’ SoH Sov vetlh SoH chenmoH jIH ghobe’ ghaj poH tlhej be’ vetlh tlhutlh vo’ HIq?

  • ^
    That would be Klingon.

  • I don’t know – do you like hot guys, explosions, space, and laughing?

    I am a bit of a nerd, but I was never into Star Trek. But. I loved the movie. I’ve seen it twice. 🙂

    Give it a chance! I’d love to read what you thought of it. 😀

  • Guess what you call a nerd when you grow up?


  • I’m in love with Chris Pine. 😀 I really enjoyed staring at him on a large screen for two hours.

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