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That's What She Said… about the Fourth of July

Read “That’s What She Said” online about my trip to the country for the demolition derby. I had grand plans to make a cool video with the footage I took, but then this week kicked my ass. So this is all I had time to do. Do me a favor and pretend you can hear AC/DC, the anthem of the country.


  • If you’re driving in the powder puff, I’m soooo coming for that.

    Also, I think you would be just a little bit more country if you’d give in to the Wrangler fad.

  • I love this column! Especially what you said about the country being where your childhood memories are being held. Great image.

  • Thanks for the guilty reminder about missing out on my 4th in the country. sigh.

    Nice new banner BTW, you look great illustrated!

  • I love your new banner!

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