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That's What She Said… About Those Extra Pesky Pounds

To read this week’s “That’s What She Said” online go here. To download the PDF version go here. Feel free to weigh in (puntastic, right??) on fun exercise ideas.


  • I hate the gym. It smells like rubber, and there is no scenery. Quit the gym.

  • Um S-E-X….I’m just sayin….

  • Yeah boy! Sometimes sex smells like rubber. If you know what I mean, and I think you do.

  • Ballet, find a class at your local community college so it’s cheap, cheap, cheap and do it! Your thighs will thank you! And spin class, ass kicker (like 600 calories burnt in a class) but it’s fun! Plus you can totally cheat if you feel like it and turn your resistance down and no one will know ;)

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