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That's What She Said–Butt Rock Edition

Remember the Metallica birthday tickets?  Yeah, the concert rocked… LOUDLY!  Read about it in this week’s “That’s What She Said.”


  • Had I known that my picture would ultimately end up in the paper, I may have been a better friend and just gotten you a scarf instead. Regardless, I still think you are going to bring the claw bangs back in a BIG way.

  • Can I ask why you even own a fishnet body suit??

  • My, my, my, what have we here hmmm? My chillins’ are up and ready for business at the sight of thee caught in fishnets like a captured mermaid.

    “Reel in your nets, sang my father
    Reel them in, my Junior Jangle
    For there beneath the deep blue water
    Shall a Bellum your nets a’tangle”

    So do I cast my net in for thee, my Nielson. I have cast it for months, and have caught not a thing. But I cast it still, and sit at the bow of the boat patiently, knowing that one day the ropes of my heart will go taut, and from the well of my soul will float a beautiful Mernielson with long hair flowing, eyes beaming, and fishnets wet and tenderly clinging.

  • Rock on! Good outfit. I remember when girls used to dress that way for reals. I also remember seeing Metallica in 1993 when they toured for the Black album. Wait… how old does that make me?

    PS That Summer girl is really cute.

  • ha ha ha!
    the hair brings back memories!

  • Now please tell me that was for Halloween!

  • I LOVE YOUR PHOTO OF THE DAY. Your hair, it calls to me.

  • Where in the hell did you get the booties?

  • If you keep doing this…it could create serious problems for the Hookers in Utah who are Truly devoted to the Skin Trade.
    In a sluggish economy…never screw around with another person’s scam.

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