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That's What She Said–In Utah This Week

To read this week’s column click here. I don’t have much to say about it besides bitching about RLO’s friend CALLING HIM SUGAR!  I liked her and all, but seriously! Clearly she is unaware that he is my back-up plan, not hers.

If we’re single at fifty we’re going to marry, and make out on the street.  Of course by then my womb will have long since given up, so we’ll adopt children to serve us from a third world country and be the new Brangelina.  Only less hot, and way, way older.


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  • My womb will never give up on thee, Brangelina, not as long as you reek the stench of melodious sax appeal, trumpeting from your bongos like a tuba’ toothpaste spews its jazzm forth when its bass is rolled up :-. But alack, to the point.

    I very much enjoyed your tale of air-humpitude, but did not quite so much enjoy the violent undertones, with words such as “wrestle”, “crush”, “falling”, “flipped”, “strength”, et cetera. However, pleasant words such as “smoothly”, “truthfully”, “God”, and “hump” gave my stomach warm sensations :-)

  • By the time you and RLO are fifty – Brangelina will be old and not so beautiful – so hey, you’d pass for the lovely couple. Right?

    And what is air-humping?
    It sounded more like something someone in the crowd would be doing, than someone in the band.
    Forgive my dirty mind – but yeah, that’s where it went. And being clueless about jazz – doesn’t help.

    Glad you had a good time.

    Now post pictures of those pin stripes! Didn’t you know we’d want to see them? ha ha

  • Oh, how we all love our “girl crushes”… ;)

  • Pee on him…that’s how you claim things in this wild kingdom we call Utah…

    If someone tries to take something from me, I pee on it and they stop trying to take it from me. Works like a charm

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