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That's What She Said–In Utah This Week

To read my column this week click here. It’s all about the Gallivan concerts, which are tonight.  See you there?


  • I’ll be there again and likely incognito.

  • Ah, Miss Nielson. Be thy jests about hip-hopping tree-bottoms, dreamy Irish folkies, whistling creatures of flight, joyful imperative exclamations, pornographers anew, soulful Diegans of San, or other songs we sing regarding unfamiliar faces, your articles always warm my marrow to the boiling point :-).

    After knocking a maiden such as thyself on her ass, a sorry clearly wouldn’t do. An eye for an eye as the Hebrews exclaim! I would promptly knock myself atop my own ass, and together we would sit in grassy bliss, talking of many things, listening many noises while making out in cars as a Fading Light shines upon us, causing my member to cast long shadows over our intense enjoyment.

    Good morning :-)

  • Ahhh, the Twilight Concert Series, I miss those. It wasn’t really about the music, it was all about who you ran into that you hadn’t run into since the last year.

    Summer in SLC.

  • This is too funny ab. your scooter. I’ve been looking for one, too! Is it for fun or are you protesting gas prices? I’m protesting gas prices by having to ride my bike everywhere in order to keep myself fully (fashionably!) clothed, but my legs are ready for break. Anyway, Can’t wait for a ride!!!!! BTW it’s Scott’s bday on Tues. And he’ll be in town.

  • Your scooter is BAD. ASS.

  • I went to one of those twilight concers when I lived in Utah. It was Doc Watson. I had tried for several years to see him and was always thwarted by sold out tickets. And then I got it free at Gallivan. It was a great night.

    But I was annoyed at the rowdy youngsters who couldn’t appreciate what a true living legend and icon they were hearing.

    I would love to see Neko Case there.

  • After having posted about the excellent lineup for the series, I have made it to nary a one. The whole pain in the ass of going out! I am officially old, and it remains to be seen whether I will fight it off and come out to see one of the remaining swell concerts.

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