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That's What She Said–In Utah This Week

Click here to read my column.  It’s about my scooter.  Yes, again.  Get over it.  And if you feel the need to email me and complain that I didn’t buy local, don’t bother.  I’ve already heard it.  Guess what Internet you’re not the boss of me… RLO is.


  • I’m going to pray to YOUR baby Jesus that you don’t kill your self on that thing.

  • Sarah – please do not ride around in OPEN TOED SHOES. I’m just saying…and a helmet would be good.

  • I can’t tell you how dumb we are – 3 people couldn’t READ THE MANUAL to see how to make the starter work.

  • I am sooo in scooter envy right now. Apparently, all the scooters that are “street legal” in CA are sold out. Stupid people who had the idea before me. Not you. Your scooter isn’t even legal here.

  • I, like yourself dear sir, always buy only the most fresh, foreign grown pink motorized vegetables to fill my belly with. RLO, indeed, is the boss of us all :-D May our productivity flourish under his homosexual iron fist!

  • Ali Mozaffari, CCM

    Hey scoter girl, congrats on your decision to join biker’s community, couple of words of advice, first please enroll into beginner’s Motorcycle classes at the Community College Campus on Redwood Rd. to learn the basic rules of the roads and how to avoid the accidents. I’ll promise you won’t be disappointed and even might save your life someday, secondly always watch out for the other drivers; they just simply don’t see us on the road and ultimately we become the victims as the result and finally proper attire is the must when riding your CUTE scoter. Best of luck. See you on the road:)

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