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That's What She Said–In Utah This Week

To read my column this week click here.  When you’ve finished please email me, or leave a a list of Sarah friendly hobbies.  I need something, especially after the past few days I’ve had.  And no, wine isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.


  • I didn’t know Brooke had a show. I’ll have to watch it.

    My hobby – making cards and scrapping.

    Dont know if you’d like it, but that’s my suggestion. I love it!

  • Such charming, witty tales! But, praytell, why does one need a hobby? Why waste thy time with the riding of bicycles, the growing up of countries, the writing of blogs, the driving of bookmobiles, the going upon half-bottomed hikes, the putting on of comfy clothes, nor the watching of television?

    I see no reason to do anything but awake, eat, write on Sarah Bellum’s blog, fornicate perhaps, and sleep blissfully till the following morn :-)

  • long time reader, first time post-er…

    perhaps try gardening?
    i looked up some in the SLC area:

    or perhaps utilize your (our) lifestyle and join a wine meetup group?:

    or join/start a scooter club?

    thanks! -e:)

  • Well Sarah you have had that ad for The Goddess Arts Academy on your newsletter for awhile now and they look fun.

  • Well, since you’re looking for a personal trainer according to your twitter, working out may be your new hobby once you get into it!

  • First of all, I’ve told you this before, but you and I are so similar. I come to your blog every morning while I drink my coffee and dread doing real work. I was just thinking the same thing about my life. I have ZERO hobbies!! However, reality TV is the best. The Tori & Dean show on Oxygen is a very good suggestion!

    Honestly I think you just need to move to Chicago and we could be BFFs :)

  • I think you should try climbing. There’s a really cool new climbing gym by the REI (Momentum Indoor Climbing) at 106th South. I took it up a couple of years ago and LOVE it. There are always good looking single men to watch as well, which is a great hobby. They would be so keen to help you out….

  • I find with physical hobbies that you have to give them about 2 weeks before you start to like them, and then eventually you grow to love them! For hiking, I always hated it while doing it, but loved the reward of being on the top. Now I actually enjoy the grunt work in getting to the top. As for biking, I took a cycling class which I outright hated for about 2 weeks, and then I got addicted to the chemicals, and now I love biking. For a cruiser bike, I’d recommend taking it to the Jordan River Parkway. There are miles of bike-friendly trails, and it’s fairly level riding.

    But you seem kind of the sophisticated hobby sort of person. So why not join a book club, or start a monthly wine/cheese group?

    Just follow the things you actually enjoy doing.

  • I didn’t know drinking wine was a lifestyle – not just a hobby.

    YOu’ve made me so happy!!!

  • you know, you should start a blog. I have really enjoyed mine as a hobby and a creative outlet…

    Oh wait. My bad.

  • I’m all for Belly Dancing, Pole Dancing or Wine Tasting (the ones where you meet other single people), but you will almost ALWAYS find me on my couch catching up with Tori & Dean or Kathy Griffin. Things other people seem to like that I don’t do: Pottery, Scrapbooking, Digiscrapping, Knitting and Crocheting. Digiscrapping would probably be right up your alley, honestly. I do wish I liked Arts and Crafts more…

  • I have never really enjoyed reading for pleasure until recently. I started to read the Twilight Saga and was not able to put it down. I read all 4 books in a 2 week time span. If you found a book that interesteds you, you might really enjoy it again. Also a Pole Dancing class is a great idea and it is wonderful excersice, I really enjoy mine.

  • I read blogs while half listening/watching reality TV.
    That is my hobby these days. Before this I tried my hand at scrapbooking and making my own costume jewelry. Both of these were good to do while watching my Reality TV shows.

  • ‘Kay, I guess I’ll chime in with ideas:

    - I second the biker/scooter club idea, but I’d take it one step further and suggest you start a gang. Provo had scooter gangs at one point so maybe SLC can have one.

    - Homebrewing. It stinks, but the end result can be rewarding.

    - Organize bar buses. Barfly Magazine (here in Portland) has been doing this for a while and it seems to be wildly successful. An example: http://www.barflymag.com/event-125.html

    - Do that thing where you go around town sticking voice bubbles on public advertisements and then track what folks write in them. They can get pretty filthy, which of course means they’re tons of fun. I guess.

    - Did I mention starting a gang? I think so.

    - I guess starting a public access cable show is another idea. Not a good one, but there it is.

    Alright then, my work here is done.


  • I’m going to go with a stand-by of golf. First hear me out, I used to be one of those people who would cringe at the mention of the word golf or anything to do with it. But then I realized I can have a pink golf bag, pink grips for my clubs, pink balls, pink tees and the cutest golf outfits in the world. Plus, in Utah on Sunday…that is where you meet the cute boys who aren’t dating Jesus. Trust me on this one Sarah!

  • You could train your dog to do the agility course time trials or whatever it’s called. I saw the vid of the tail chasing which I’m told is half the battle. They have the nationals at soldier hollow this year over Labor Day weekend so you had better get on it…

  • I recently took up pottery. It’s a cool hobby, really peaceful… although it takes a while to learn. Bonus: I’ve noticed that people LOVE to receive the pots and vases I’ve made with my own bare hands, so I have a shelf full of crooked, misaligned gifts for any occasion.

  • I have a list of about 40 things I want to get done by the end of the summer. You could take 1/2. :)

  • You could take up genealogy. You’re in a great place for it. I love learning about all the skeletons in the closet – especially those my grandparents and other relatives won’t talk about! Since half of my family is Mormon, there’s a lot of skeletons and scandalous stuff! Like a polygamous great-grandfather, confederate spies, and jailbirds, among others. Who KNOWS what stories await you that go well with wine?

  • One word fornication, ’nuff said.

    2 words Fantasy Football.

    3 words. Run, Run, Run.

    No wait those are my hobbies.

    (except for that first one “apparently” its looked down upon if you don’t have a partner) I KEED, I KEED!!

    I also golf, on Sundays.

  • Try the drum circle at Liberty Park.

  • I have recently got really into swing dancing (Lindy Hop specifically), It’s energetic, fun, and you get to dance!

    I am also reading Anna Karenina which is definitely a hobby.


  • Start a bookclub. They can be fun or serious. Ours is fun…the wine is plentiful and the food is good, oh and so are the books.

  • Dance class, fo’ sure. Saves my life and keeps me from being terminally clumsy.

  • I love the bookclub idea.

    Maybe sign up for a Pilates class or a Yoga class. It will also give you something to write about.

    I’ve taken up knitting but I only do it from about November to March (cold winter months).

    I love to take a long walk when I’ve got a lot on my mind. I tried running but that only lasted about three months.

    Maybe take a cooking class or a photography class.

    A belly dancing class would be really fun too.

  • Bowling. Its indoors, involves drinking and socializing, things you do well.

  • You should totally take up sewing. It has changed my life…mostly because it has emptied my bank account.

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