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That's What She Said–In Utah This Week

To read my column for In Utah This Week click here.  You’ve seen the zombie pictures on my Flickr account, so now read about it!

And thanks to Mike for the photo running alongside my column!


  • Ok, it DOES make much more sense now. As far as Zombie movies go, although I am not a fan, even as a child (in a home with two males who LOVE gore) I always liked Dawn of the Dead… it takes place in a shopping mall after hours and I always imagined how much fun it would be to go in and out of stores when no one else was there. Except for the whole “undead chasing me” thing, it was a great movie to live out that fantasy.

  • What a delicious zombie baby!!

    Regarding all things dead, be they shopping-mall Dawns or comedic Shauns, I participate in none whatsoever. Why, I ask you with the seriousness of a leopard, would one choose the company of the undead, over the company of the dead? Cold, lifeless bodies, ever growing fingernails, memories galore. What a party indeed!

  • Lisa, Dawn of the Dead has always been my favorite for the exact same reason!

    The whole zombie day thing would be something I’d love to see and experience. The picture of the woman with the baby hanging from its umbilical cord makes me cringe and stare and applaud her for such a hideously glorious idea!

  • Thanks for the props, g-zilla!

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