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That's What She Said—In Utah This Week

This week’s That’s What She Said.  I know you people, so before you write me emails complaining about the headline please remember I didn’t write it.  The only puns in my vocabulary are dirty ones.  You people know that.  You do know that, right?  Well RLO does anyway.  And frankly he’s growing tired of my wiener jokes.  Get it?  Growing wiener?  I kill me.


  • Shame on me.
    I had no clue what Sophora is.
    But I do love Target!

  • Now I’m torn. I try never to go to Ogden because a) it’s such a long freaking drive and b) well, it’s OGDEN.

    So should I drive to see the mini-Sephora, or should I wait until they get a Salt Lake one, or should I just shop Sephora online, or should I be happy with the Ulta they’re building in Sandy?

    Too many decisions, I need a Pepsi…

  • They opened one in Boise :) Needless to say I was in heaven :)

  • I do love Sephora, but I’m a Mac girl all the way. I’m not very creative when it comes to make-up, but Mac makes it easy for me to look semi-decent.

    So jealous that you and Loralee had a girls’ night. Sigh….

  • I love Sephora, I love that I live in a town that has 3 Sephoras and all three are within shopping distance from me!

  • They totally misspelled “JCPenney” in the middle of the article! BAD EDITORS!

    Ok now that I have that out of my system… when I first read the headline, I thought it was “Penis from Heaven”, and I was like, “Well hell, if that isn’t a dirty pun, I don’t know what is!”

  • If you move to SD, Sephora will always be a quick scooter-ride away (even in winter!). And you won’t have to go to Ogden, which totally makes the move worth it.

  • Provo has night life? With alchohol and everything? Who would have thunk it….

  • Allow me to rework thy title into one more fitting to your humor.

    Pennys Jammed in my Coin Purse

    I felt Sephoria in my JC-spot, which set me on a one-way ticket to O-town.

    I have already e-mailed the editors with this name-change request.

  • And now I am torn…last time I went in that store I couldn’t eat for a week because I spent all my lunch money on lip plumpers and Dior face powder, but damn my juicy lips and shineless face totally would encourage me to make the trip again!

  • I was in my local mall about a month ago and didnt realize a Sephora had just opened up that week, I RAN into that store and stayed at least 2 hours, I know the clerks thought I was insane. When I left I immediately called all my girl friends and told them about, and then called my Mom and boyfriend to tell them to buy me Sephore giftcards for Christmas! LOVE IT!

  • The ONLY reason to go to Ogden would be for Sephora.
    As previously mentioned by Ariel, they just opened one here in Boise, and I couldn’t be happier.
    Feel free to make the drive up and we can go shopping!
    (besides, I guarantee Boise has a better night life than Provo)

  • I still sort of don’t believe you. Also, Ulta in Sandy? Why all the goodness in outlying areas? It’s no fair.

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