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That's What She Said–In Utah This Week

Click through to read “That’s What She Said.” This week’s installment is about my uber depressing love life.


  • Uggggggggh eHarmony.

    My list of criteria indicated that height was Very Important for me. Call me shallow, but the fact of the matter is: I’m 5’11″. I can’t see myself being attracted to a guy who I potentially outweigh. Almost every guy they “sent” me was 5’6″. I threw in the towel after one month too.

  • Seriously! Where are all the good men? Obviously not on-line. I heard on NPR about arranged marriages that actually work! I think I am going to look into that.

  • I had a Match.com date give me a trust test and then take me to Chuck E Cheese to “test how fun I was.” I realize dating is one big test, but be a little more discreet about it asshole.

    Sorry – it was years ago and still gets to me. And eHarmony is AWFUL. I’ve been back on the drunken bar hookups for a while now, ans they’re much more satisfying.

  • I checked out eHarmony over a year ago, but got frustrated with a few of the questions. They ask you to rate how much you agree with statements such as “religious beliefs are important to me”. I’m devoutly non-religious, and it’s very important for me to match up with someone who is similarly not religious. I couldn’t figure out how to answer that, so I assumed I didn’t likely fit their model very well.

    Which bars do you recommend for drunk hook-ups?

  • See, the problem is that you should never trust a site that promises “harmony”. If anything, dating should be about lust, frighteningly good sex, mismatched expectations and eventual catastrophic social meltdown. At least, that’s the way it tends to go for me.

    Then again, maybe you shouldn’t take my advice after all. Let’s have a comic do the talking: http://mingle2.com/dating/phases

  • Call you credit card company and have them cancel the charge and list it as fraud. You only agreed to one month not multiple. It worked with my American Express!!

  • Well you’ll always have Trollpop and RLO…oh wait that’s the same person…..

  • I wish I had some advice, but I’m flat out.

    I just have to say that I always thought..
    if that old fart who does the eharmony commercials is any indication of what the site offers, NO THANKS!

    Sounds like maybe my instincts were right.

    Sorry for your money loss. When you do meet Mr. Right, I’m sure he’ll be so rich that you’ll look back on that $100 spent at e harmony and laugh.

    Well, one can always hope.

  • S, it’s obvious that you need to move to SD so you can plow through the men here.

  • eharmony can suck it. Seriously the worst experience I’ve ever had. However, match.com, plentyoffish.com (POF), and okcupid.com are all pretty decent. The boyfriend and I winked at each other on Match then being broke we ended up on POF and found each other again and we’ve been together over a year now. POF and OKCupid are 100% free and no restrictions on communication. You may consider giving those a shot.

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