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  • I’m still boycotting Larry Miller after he wouldn’t show Brokeback Mountain. Gotta see the Bush movie, however. One can’t go wrong with the “right” kind of bush.

  • Part of my Sunday brunch conversation was about “W”, which prompted an even longer political discussion. I definitely plan on seeing “W” on Sunday, albeit after brunch, which means after Bloody Marys and Mimosas!

  • Sarah, do you have a specific sponsorship deal with the One Stop Smoke Shop? I now have an unconscious association between you and Hookah accessories.

  • I think that after reading your article this will be one of the movies I wait to rent. Actually I take that back. I will wait for somebody else to rent it and watch it with them.

  • Haven’t even heard of this one. Apparently, I hear the word “Bush” and my mind starts singing la la la la la in self-preservation. This has caused unfortunate side-effects while watching my beloved porn, however. Another thing I can blame W for!

  • I hope you get what you wish for.

    I saw the film and found that I felt sorry for America, not for Bush. He was in way over his head and we are all paying for that.

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