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That's What She Said–In Utah This Week

To read this week’s column click here.  I think every local should visit The Woodshed at least once.  I’m seriously obsessed with this bar, and not just because of the freebie condom jar.  Well maybe that has a little something to do with it.


  • Free condoms are always worth at least one instance of humiliation, be it at kickball or otherwise.

  • Your blog rocks. And your from Utah like me… go figure… I enjoy it so much Im adding you to the Helmey blogroll before I go drink my lunch…

  • I can’t believe we missed all your games… we would have so loved to see the athletic Sarah.

  • I love Bridget Jones!!
    She’s not a real person?
    Damn! I was hoping to be best friends!

  • Sarah you crack me up! You’re my newest must-read daily. Keep it comin’ my friend :)

  • ‘cept the owner of the Woodshed wants to keep the antiquated private club laws in effect. He didn’t even have a good reason for it, other than it lets him treat his customers as if they were part of some exclusive club. News flash: it’s a club, but it’s not exclusive.

    I like the Woodshed too, but I was disappointed when he got up in the DABC hearing to state his support for Mormon laws.

    The owner of the Red Door Martini bar gave a great argument for getting rid of the law, and even though I’m not a martini fan I’ll be frequenting his bar.

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