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That's What She Said–In Utah This Week

Read this week’s column for In Utah This Week here.  I was lazy with the camera that night, but here are the few pictures that we took. I was far too busy watching the hippies in front of me drop acid and then immediately pass out.

I did appreciate the medics telling them,”If possible try and slow down on your drinking for the remainder of the night.”  This is why I am not in the heath care industry.  I would have said, “Stupid fucking kids, what did you expect would happen? Now if possible, GO HOME AND WASH YOUR HAIR!”  This is where I slightly differ from a caring individual.


  • I admire you for being so bold and sharing your life with strangers. I love Ani and following your story about Tim really just moves me. I cried at this article. Thank you for sharing this.

  • A good bedside manner is overrated… your way is better (or gooder as they say in Layton)

  • That brought tears to my eyes.

    Tim is lucky to have a friend like you!


  • *sniff*

    I heart you.

  • lovely column. thanks for reminding me about that beautiful song, which is making me cry right now, remembering it.

  • Crying. Right here in my office. I had to get up and shut the door. Tim was so lucky to have had you in his life. You’re a strong person Sarah. I envy you for that.

  • Unfortunatly in Dr school they teach you to filter your thoughts and be professional….personally I wish I could keep a hammer in my office to hit my stupid patients in the head and straighten them out sometimes….but I don’t

  • I say leave being a caring individual to someone like the Dalai Lama.

  • Well way to make me cry right along with you! I don’t think I could listen to that CD right now either. Give it some time. In a few more years you might let curiosity take over you.

  • Lovely article.. i was really touched by it =o) Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • That was an amazing piece. I honestly cried, and music reviewer or not, I think you really reminded people how powerful music and memories are.

    I shave my armpits, and I still think Ani rocks:)

  • I smiled when I read “Bullshit Sarah Music”

    I miss Tim.

    This column will definitely be one of my favourites.

  • Sweet article. I skipped the concert because I would have been disappointed if she didn’t play Untouchable Face, and Fire Door, and Shameless, and Out of Habit, and Recoil . . .

  • I agree beautiful article.

    you must give Dave Matthews Band another try – live performance shall be awesome aug 27th :D

  • What a treasure–I think its going to be more of your “bullshit music” and that he put together a mix for when he wanted to think of you!

    Whenever you’re ready I think you should play it and whenever you do he will be there too- judging your taste in music– but he will be with you!

    Thanks for sharing- I lost a BFF a few years ago and I can still barely have a conversation about her.

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