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That's What She Said–In Utah This Week

To read this week’s column for In Utah This Week click here. This week I skip local entertainment and write about my dating life. I know, I know… zip it.

But really, how could I not talk publicly about a guy who didn’t mind when I rented this movie on his Blockbuster account:

OK, he did complain for a brief second, but I was able to talk him into it by batting my lovely long eyelashes. SUCKER!


  • Based on your photo at flickr of when you were sick – you are pretty even without make up.
    So if he happens to see you with yesterdays make up – I’m sure it’ll be fine.


  • Boy is that Serendipity or what?
    We must do lunch again soon…I wanna hear ALL about him.

  • If you want my honest opinion (and you probably don’t, but that never stopped me), I enjoyed the dating column more.

  • Is that the new criteria for a guy being a “keeper”–will watch drag queen movies? Totally funny!

  • That’s awesome! He sounds great!

    I’m jealous.

  • a. He sounds delightful.

    b. Any movie with Alexis Arquette is awesome. Everyone knows that.

  • That’s not a real movie…that’s a real movie? A real, real movie? Awesome!

  • Dear god, never let him go!

  • He only allowed it because he had already rented it himself. :-)

    But seriously, what a funny movie title. When was this movie made? I’ve never heard of it.

  • Your highly mockful tirade against those (like own self) who offer photographs of their own precious genitalia as a gesture of friendship shocks me deeply. Would I were to receive such a blessing, I would cherish every inch exposed to me like the flower exposes its sweet nectar, and, as a return gesture, cover the makeup of every Chicken Shit with pants made of sunglasses lacking sweaty tops and previous day’s ratty tanks under my eyes, renting him/or/her every manwoman shapeshifting film on the market till dear god never lets me go. My long eyelashes bat with pleasure perceiving the day I will find my handsome prince Daisy to fly me away on his bus stairway, and hearken me back to the garden of Edinburgh, where, naked, we will Drag our Killer Dope Queens against its fertile soil, sharing with each other all rash decisions within our loins, sending pictures of our manwomanpugqueen pieces to Snielsons far and wide, till newspapers overflow with our tales of brave revelry.

    Lettuce isn’t the only thing with its head in my sandwich ;-)

  • I know this guy who swears by online dating. While some of us toiled away at it for years, he met his soul mate on the very first try. Lucky him. (Luckier me!!)

  • Holy Shit, that was fantastic. I signed up for an online dating site months ago and have ignored all emails and winks from guys simply because I’m not sure how to take that step from just searching through profiles to actually emailing someone because that might mean actually meeting in person and I just feel all sorts of weird about that possibility.

  • a) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alexis Arquette
    b) I am a huge supporter of online dating (even though I am married to someone I did not meet online)
    c)Trollpop’s comment made my head throb a little…

    Good for you!! I hope it keeps going well!

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