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That's What She Said–In Utah This Week

After receiving a couple emails about my last column, I feel like I need to clear something up… I don’t write music reviews.

I listen to music and see a few concerts here and there, in no way does that make me an expert. Apply the same theory to movies and food. I’m not a reviewer by any means. This column is about me, and my life. Yes, I really AM that narcissistic.

With that said, click here for this week’s column, in which I don’t review music or food. Instead you’ll get another peek into my neurotic life.


  • Here in KC (Kansas City) we have a whole weekend festival called the Crawfish Festival. It’s quite awesome. It’s put on by a former football player (Neil Smith). But I prefer to call it the Craw Dad festival. But that’s just me

  • I’m never going to get you to eat sushi with me, am I?


  • I am a New Orleans native – born and raised. It’s always interesting to see a different point of view regarding crawfish, as “sucking the heads and pinching the tails” has always been a way of life for me.

  • I would eat crawfish but I’m allergic to fish and seafood.
    Never got to try sushi either and it looks soo good.

    I watched crabs get boiled in a pot and at those in my pre-allergy days. Yum!

    Of course, the marijuana ciggies I had might have affected my judgement and taste there.

    Did I just say that?

  • Louisianna has the BEST food. Jambalaya, crawfish, gumbo, etc. You are really missing out. Even though I love the food, I could never live there. Ew! But I visit my in-laws every year and eat my ass off!

  • Marijuana ciggies and crawfish
    Where have you all been?

    please HELP ME I have teenagers

  • The same thing happened to me in high school. My friends dared me to eat a crawfish at a Cajun cookout and so I did. BIG mistake. It was regurgitated onto the lawn and I’ll never try it again.

  • Good for you! I too am anti-sea food and most people look at me like I’m crazy when they find out… glad to hear I’m not the only one. PB&J’s any day of the week over that stuff!

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