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That's What She Said–Spy Edition

As you know I was OBSESSED with seeing the International Spy Museum while I was on my vacation, so it’s no surprise my column this week is about just that.  Here it is: “That’s What She Said”.


  • That sounds like fun – would love to see your friend’s reaction to the incessant “I told you so”‘s.

  • I saw you there nad im glad you had a great time. I know what your thinking ” but I didnt see YOU there ?” of course you didnt I was disguised as one of the exhibits. /fade into shadows

  • I saw you there and im glad you had a great time. I know what you are thinking ” but I didnt see YOU there ?” Of course you didnt I was disguised as one of the exhibits. /fade into shadows

  • yay for comcast crappy double posting!!

  • I would LOVE to go there….esspecially since I am convinced that I am a mix between Jack Bauer and Jason Bourne. :)

  • Martinis.
    The new Turkey.

    Yay for Martinis!


  • If I could type the mission impossible music I hear playing in my head right now, I so would!!!

  • Glad you enjoyed DC and hope you do come back next year. Next time why don’t you invite DC fans to meet you at a bar? Heather Armstrong does this from time to time when she travels.

  • wherre is trollpop lately?

  • If you want to see something really incredible (and off the beaten track) when you go to D.C., you really must see the National Museum of Health and Medicine (look up the website). It is located behind the Walter Reed Hospital- a bit away from downtown and has a lot of scientific “oddities” and “curiousities”. It started as an effort to learn how to treat war injuries during the civil war- and it housed the leg of a Union Officer during the war after it was dislodged by a cannonball. He would come back each year to visit his “leg”- and the bones were still there on display when I visited a few years ago. Also on display were the bullet that killed Lincoln – and some fragments of his brain- and a two-headed fetus…. and other bizarre and somewhat grotesque (though entertaining:) displays. Supposedly, John Dillinger’s penis used to be on display as well- this is no longer true, though they may have it in their collection somewhere. A mummified corpse used to be on display as well….

    A must-see in D.c…..

  • My girl and i stumbled across the International Spy Museum when visiting from Australia a couple of years ago. Had never heard of it, but decided to splurge.

    Loved it.

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