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That's What She Said–(Trip to Body Worlds 3)

My brother and I went to see Body Worlds 3 at The Leonardo last Sunday.  If I was going to look at dead bodies of course I was going to drag Ben along with me.  Nothing says family bonding like skinless bodies, right?  That last sentence was far creepier than anything in the exhibit, except maybe the guy behind me in line that kept brushing up against me inappropriately.  I’d like to have him skinned and tossed into the exhibit, but I wasn’t entirely sure how to go about that.  OK, I’m creeping myself out here.  Just go read the damn column.


  • We’re going with Nathaniel on Tuesday for a field trip. Jeremiah wasn’t too pleased that I signed him up for said fieldtrip and I think I will, in fact, be taking a barf bag for him.

  • I went to see it last year in SD. Another perk of being a teacher is that you get in free! I got to take Scott and Carmen along for free as well. And the fetus room was my favorite, b/c I think it’s amazing to see how the embryo develops. I’ll probably get hate mail for tht comment, since that room is the most controversial.

  • I so want to go see it this weekend. Glad to read it is worth the lines and crowds–if not the cost.

  • You are not alone dear Sarah. I too find skinless bodies to be a very powerful aphrodisiac. Would that I could have them strewn across my bedroom floor, there’d be action a-plenty in my jumbles, eh eh? ;-)

    Regarding your fear of obesity, I must warn you that you are not the only creature in thy household fighting the lipid demon. For Daisy’s folds increase by the minute, and, expanding as she may be, her future seems quite dim. This obesity does not, in the slightest, veer the course of Cupid’s arrow which has struck me so; I wish only for her health.

  • I really want to go. How much does it cost?

  • No way. Nuh uh.

    I have trouble at wakes.

  • I went to an exhibit in MN a few years ago. I definately didn’t feel like I was seeing dead bodies when I was there. It’s pretty amazing what is preserved. The blood vessels especially. It’s funny how the lips are kept on. And of course pointing and laughing at the male anatomy is fun.
    I guess each exhibit has different displays. I don’t recall the entwined couple but am intrigued now.

  • i went to that exhibit….did you notice how the fingernails were left on some of the specimens? BLEEEECH.

  • The exhibts really are amazing. We never got our specimins to look that good in gross anatomy. Then again the displays are all done with chemicals. Its not that easy with a disecting kit. My only bad experience w/ it was the annoying person who kept asking me questions after she realized I was a Dr.

  • Thanks for the heads up on the lines. I totally want to go, but lines…urgh! Guess I’ll have to wear my patient panties.

  • I don’t know…everyone at work wants to go, but I’m not yet convinced.

  • We went to see the Body Worlds exhibit in London a couple of years ago. I’m quite certain I’ve seen my lifetime quota of dissected penises.

  • I went as well.. The people were annoying. I guess I’m just not use to seeing dead bodies when other people are around. hmmm

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