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That's What She Said–With Her Mouth Full of… Cookies

This week’s “That’s What She Said” column is about my complete obsession with Girl Scout Cookies. To read online go here; to download the PDF go here.

Are you guys just as obsessed? What are your favorites? SYMPATHIZE WITH ME PEOPLE!


  • I really think the Girl Scouts are just lazy. Seriously, who else gets to work just one month a year?

  • The Samoa is, unto itself, the best. But I may prefer Trefoils w/ skim milk to the unaccompanied Samoa. The only milk I drink in a year is the milk that’s soaked up in my Trefoils.

    Thin Mints ruin both mint and chocolate. I hate them.

  • I loved these cinnamon biscuits that they had about 3 years ago, but discontinued since. They were light, and perfect to dip in my morning coffee or tea. And I could have just 2-3 and be satisfied. They were the best coffee biscuits I’ve ever had. The things I love always get discontinued. Sigh.

    With those intensely sugared out ones, I have to eat the whole box too. That’s why I didn’t order any this year :)

  • I have a thing for the Thin Mints. I’ve so far managed to avoid Girl Scouts so far this cookie season. I’m hoping to make it all the way. If so, this will be the first year I’ve successfully avoided Girl Scout Crack as an adult.

  • Thin mints and samoas are to die for! Especially when you put the thin mints in the freezer and eat them frozen, LOVE those damn things! Do you think they lace them with some sort of addicting drug?

  • We call them Girl Guide Cookies here in Canada (same thing, girl power!) The ones up here are made by Mr Cristie and freeze wonderfully. I usually buy a case (yes a case) and freeze them. That way, when I want some 5 months from now, I do not have to wait 6 months to get more!

    I agree with Erin about the thin mints – it just ruins the chocolate!

  • I’ve always loved thin mints- until I discovered peanut butter cookies! They are so so good- I ate like 10 in one day and then discovered that 2 cookies= 1/2 hour of working out and I got really sad

  • I love the ones called Samoas…except now I think they’re called Caramel Delights. God so delicious. We’re out and I haven’t seen any scouts to get any more from. Total disaster. I also like the thin mints, but we cheap out and buy Grasshoppers at the grocery instead. :)

  • Sh*t who are you kidding they are all so DAMN good – Between Girl scouts and Trader Joes – Joe Joe cookies my waistline these past couple weeks is going in the wrong DAMN direction.

  • I love the peanut butter ones the most, even though the recipe has been bastardized to the extent of deserving to be renamed a *peanut butter-like girl scout cookie food product*.
    Seriously went through both boxes in 2 days. The kids ate the other 10.

  • loved this column

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