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The cable guy hates my dog AND wants me to wear a bra. Can you believe that? Service oriented my ass.

“Ma’am (FIRST MISTAKE) I’m here to install your Internet. Would you like me wait outside while you get dressed?”

“No. I’d like you to install my Internet. How else am I going to use bit torrent to steal my shows? Besides what do you have against my pink, pug pajamas?”

“That’s illegal.”

“OH MY GOD! Pug pajamas are illegal? Well I don’t care. They are cute enough to go to prison for. Wait. Would I be allowed to take them to prison with me? If not I may be willing to give them up. I mean really what’s the point of going to prison for something I’m not even allowed to have in prison. Right?”

“Um… Ma’am (Seriously, again with calling me old!) I’m sure your pajamas are legal, but downloading television is a crime.”

“Ohhh… OK, well I was kidding about that part. (… ahem) Come on in. You brought coffee right?”


  • I seriously hate it when people call me ma’am! That and when people tell me I’m breaking the law.

  • God, cable guys are so demanding for people that will only give you a WINDOW of time for when they are going to show up. Tell me you’re coming at 10, then actually SHOW UP at 10, and then maybe I’ll consider wearing actual clothes. Maybe.

  • My husband never understands why I give people the death stare when they call me ma’am… and if they call me miss at restaurants I give them extra big tips and I let them know it was because they called me miss and not ma’am and they look at me like I have 3 heads.

  • Hey, its a Southern thing. If you were raised in the South (Texas in my case), it is Yes and No Ma’am and Sir. Its a sign of respect, no dissin’ intended.

  • Can you please video yourself acting out that conversation and then post it. That would make me really happy.

  • Maybe in the South it is respectful to say ma’am and sir, but here? (just old) I still hate to be called ma’am and I’m alot older than you.

  • True Story….We got our cable internet service shut down for bit torrenting..we got investigated by our cable company’s security department..I called with a lame story, and they turned it back on…

    Angry Husband got scared as crap. He removed everything from our hard drive. He waited for a month and went back at it again….

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