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The Flavor of Karma

“Rlo, I want you to know I gave the remainder of my sandwich to a coworker, I’m in for some good karma.  And I’m expecting that karma to be in the form of chocolate cake.”

“I have a direct line to Jesus, not karma.”

“Well does Jesus bake?”

“Yes, but he doesn’t use leavening agents.”

“Well do you think he’ll use the fake sugar I gave you for Valentine’s Day last year?”

“The cancer sugar, Sarah?  Probably not.”

“It’s not like he can’t cure the cancer anyway.  Jesus is just being lazy.”


  • Ok this made me GUFFAW at work. And then I had to tell my religious right co-worker what I was laughing at. I’m not a good liar.

    Yeah, you owe me.

  • So yesterday, I bought a “Rock Me Sexy Jesus” figurine at the Goodwill and I thought, you know who would love this? SARAH! I should totally send it to her!

    Then, I remembered I don’t know you and that would be super creepy.

    Also? Me telling you all of this? Kind of creepy.

    PS. I’m really not creepy. Probably.

  • Miss Thystle:
    Are you kidding me? That’s not at all creepy. I didn’t even know they had “Rock Me Sexy Jesus” figurines. I have to find one. Amazing.

  • i’m amazed they have them at the goodwill! i mean who would get rid of one of those!

    look at me acting like i know what i am talking about. i don’t. i live in turkey, remember. i have no idea what i am talking about when it comes to anything current in america.

    nov. 24. i am counting down the days until america!

  • Jesus was too lazy to make me rich, too. I hate him.

  • Why does RLO always have to complicate things by bringing Jesus into the picture?

  • What the heck is a Rock Me Sexy Jesus?

    Anyways, if you think about it..
    who invented cancer?
    Had to be Jesus.
    And if he didn’t, well he at least gave someone the idea to make the fake sugar that causes cancer.

    So, he owes a lot of healings!

    Bad Jesus!!

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