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The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Awesome

I’ve had numerous people tell me how much they hate the new season of “The Hills.” Everyone is complaining how staged the show is, but NOT ME! It’s totally real, scheduled maybe, but very, very real.

Between school and work it’s been difficult to find the time to watch it. In a brilliant multitasking plan my workmate, Robyn, and I have been watching the show together on our lunch break at work as we eat.

It’s perfect! Well, almost perfect. I just need to figure out how to get the nerds to stop protesting:


  • The Hills isn’t real?! That’s impossible since it is listed as “real”ity TV. In my opinion, fake isn’t really bad anyhow. So whatever, I will continue to watch it. I love that show.

  • I’m one of the complainers, but I NEVER said I’d stop watching it. Just that I was slowly beginning to lose respect for myself.

  • Ha!! I love it! The sign, not the Hills I’ve never seen the Hills! But I am a reality tv whore so I need to schedule that one in to my DVR I guess.

    I got the earings yesterday!! Thank you so much, I love them! Tell Daisy I owe her one.

  • You never said your nerds were CHILDREN! He looks like a kid from school daughter has a crush on. Daughter is 14. Your nerd looks MAYBE 15.

    He’s right though.

  • I haven’t had a chance to watch the Hills yet this season. I’m still recording them so I hoe they don’t suck! Also, THANK YOU for putting full posts in readers again. My laziness loves ya.

  • it’s real

  • How is it NOT real? My whole basis of what it’s like to live in California is based on THAT show! I don’t wear thick black eye liner and braid my bangs for NO REASON!

  • Lol, all reality TV isn’t real. It’s always at least partially fabricated, edited or manipulated to give a desirable dramatic outcome. This includes American Idol and Survivor. But in saying that… HOW AWESOME IS ROCK OF LOVE?!? Seriously. Wow. We’re way behind in New Zealand though. So no spoilers please! haven’t even finished Rock of Love 2.

  • All reality TV isn’t real? Wow, all my english isn’t real. Sentence formation! Under achiever!

  • Man… that guy should wish he was referring to his haircut being fake. So he can peel it off and have something less embarassing. He looks like a penis.

  • Don’t be ashamed, girl! I love the Hills. I make the kids and the hubby get out of the room every Monday night so I can watch.

  • What do you mean the Hills isn’t real? It’s REAL! SHUT UP IT’s SO REAL! You think they can fake those tears? you think they can fake that heartache!?!?

    I love the show and don’t care how scripted it is… it’s pure AWESOME!

  • I’ve never wanted to punch someone in the face more than Spencer.

    I say it’s half real.

  • Wow. Your office is so 21st Century MadMen. Are you the Joan?

  • Nerds ruin everything.

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