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The Inside of my Colon

When I received this anonymous comment on my “Oh Snap“blog post:

Comment by Curry to a piss head–June 3, 2008 You are so full of this shit, this page makes my colon look like God’s bathroom floor.

I just knew I had to have a colon masthead. I thought about asking my dad for pics from his colonoscopy, but in the end decided against it. It’s bad enough I write the fuck word repeatedly on the Internet, posting pictures of the inside of his colon would be the ultimate betrayal in his book. And frankly, I can’t risk being written out of the will. I’m banking on that cash.

My friend Aimee designed the masthead for me in a matter of seconds. She is seriously amazing, and I’m not just saying that because of that one time she asked me to hump Ben Fold’s leg for her.

Thanks Aimee!


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