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The iPhone Never Lies

Sometimes RLO likes to pretend I’m not the most important person in his life, which is obviously ridiculous. However, last night I discovered the truth; I’m way more important than his other friends and even his family. Look who’s first on his phone’s favorites:

Yeah, and if that wasn’t enough proof look at who is so important they get a two-day birthday:

Not his grandpa, but me. I rest my case.


  • You rock!

    Looks like RLO already knew it.
    Some of us didn’t know til we found your blog.

  • Which is your actual birthday? Mine is the second of your two possible dates. Hate when it falls on a Monday!

  • Doesn’t it feel good to bust someone for loving you? Yeah, that’s a good feeling. It’s like “Ha! I knew you loved me! There’s no denying it now!”

  • Poke him in the ribs repeatedly… That’s what I do until someone loves me!

  • Bellum! You should have warned me of your birthday years in advance. Sadly I am completely booked the whole week, and may commence in no celebration with you. :-(

  • I already know what to get you for your birthday! I’m going to get you a new President. It will be two days late and it won’t start working until January and it’s not going to be even remotely pink. But I think you’ll rejoice all the same.

    Love, me

  • In one of those strange coincidences of life: my grandpa’s birthday is November 3rd, but I until I was 19 I thought it was the 2nd and he thought that I was the overacheiving granddaughter who wanted to be the first one to wish him a happy birthday so he didn’t say anything to me.

  • Um, maybe RLO doesn’t remember if your birthday is the 2nd or the 3rd so he’s covering his ass. Or maybe he wants to hump you. Either way.

  • Awww…he likes you. He really, REALLY likes you…to an unhealthy degree maybe? lol :)

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