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The Leg Bone is NOT Connected to the Funny Bone

I’m absolutely terrified of finding a body in my house. It was built in the 50′s and has a creepy crawl space, so chances of discovering skeletal remains are high. I just hope David Boreanaz and the rest of the “Bones” cast is here when it happens.

Oddly enough, I was watching that show when Asshole Puppy’s tennis ball rolled underneath the couch. While retrieving it, I felt something lumpy attached to the couch frame.


After a moment of hysteria, I realized how ridiculous this assumption was. However, I still waited until a friend arrived to check it out further. You know, just in case.

We found this labeled black bag:

Knowing that killers never leave behind labeled evidence, I fearlessly opened the bag and found extra couch legs. I sighed a deep breath of relief as my friend laughed.

I really should stop watching all things scary. I only have so many friends patient enough to come by each time I think I’ve discovered a body. And this friend? Well… he removed himself from the list. Jerk.


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