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The Power of Prayer… and Sarcasm

This morning I received an email containing my beloved niece Hannah’s prayer from last night:

Bless the people who have colds and swine flu that they can be healthy and strong.  Thank you that we can have a bed to keep us comfy and wonderful.  Thank you that I can be a big girl and Carter be a big boy. Thank you that I won’t be exhausted tomorrow.  Thank you that we can be beautiful tomorrow.  Thank you that I can be fancy.  Thank you that the mean kids will go away and not distract me.  Thank you that we can go to the places we imagine.  Amen.

It’s amazing how similar our prayers are. Here is my prayer from last night:

Bless all sick people with the good sense to stay away from me. Thanks in advance for sending me a new plush mattress and bedding set. Please never let me get fat. Thank you for creating Ambien and red wine. Thank you for occasionally making me feel beautiful. Thank you for populating the earth with fancy people, so that I have something to aspire to. Thank you for giving my nerds the ability to use nerd humor to provide enough distraction that I don’t crumble in a giant ball of anxiety. I will thank you if you send my bank account a giant wad of cash so I can go to all the places I imagine myself in. Amen.

If only I could harness her innocence and use it for my own life.


  • First, your niece is freaking adorable! Second, I used to say a prayer every night when I was little and ask God to please let me fall asleep quickly and have good dreams. And you know what? I always did. Hmmm… maybe instead of Melatonin I need to start praying again?

  • Hilarous! Perhaps you need to come inspire her prayers!

  • Hannah’s prayer was so sweet! I love her!

    I’m hanging your prayer in my cubical.

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