I love hearing from readers, not as much as I love wine, but a VERY close second!



  • Damn! Daisy is cute no matter what she’s doing!

  • Yeah – but let it be a guy snoring and I bet it won’t be the “Soundtrack of your Life!”

  • Why don’t my dogs look that cute when they snore?

    Like the new banner..The wine bottle rocks.

  • Awww, precious. When my dogs are sleeping, they sometimes have little Puppy Dreams (where they are frolicking among wildflowers or diving into a mountain of kibble, I don’t know) and they “talk” in their sleep… just these cute quiet little yips every now and then. It’s cute for about two minutes, and then I gently nudge their sleeping bodies onto the floor so I can get some sleep.

  • Wow…we have the same theme song!

  • Was she even sleeping? I thought I saw her eye opening–she was cheating! Just being cute for the sake of being cute…hmmm. lol

  • boy, my pugs put her to shame in the snoring category. they are so loud sometimes i have to turn up the tv. i have a pug on each side so it’s in stereo!

    she is so sweet.

  • I’m slow.. but just wanted to say. I love your new header on your blog!

  • My cat snores.

    I met a pug this weekend that I absolutely loved. Her name was Molly and she jumped right out of the car (it was parked) and into my arms licking me right on the lips. Granted, that’s not the welcome I was looking for but it was pretty cute.

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