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The Thought Process of Nerds

I work with nerds.  I always have.  I’m sort of a nerd groupie.

Yesterday at lunch my nerds were discussing really boring things like phones and PHP.  In an attempt to change the subject I asked, “So, how about them sports?”

They looked at me in disgust knowing full well I was going to require a conversation about sports.  WHICH I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT, but I felt like having normal boy talk may be fun.

We talked about college bowl games, which The Kid informed us are a really big deal–something about a lot of money, and mountain west recognition. YAWN.

Things quickly took a turn for the worse when we started discussing bowl sponsorship. Nerds can turn anything back into phone talk. I braced myself for a boredom overload by finding entertainment in eating my sugar-free pudding cup in four whole bites.

To recap:

Football—->bowl games—->Tostito Fiesta Bowl—->sponsors—->DAMN PHONES


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