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Things Your Asshole Friends Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy Symptoms

In an attempt to get our house ready for a tiny human that will be arriving in October, I took a couple much needed days off work. At 19 weeks pregnant, I have the energy to get shit done and wanted to take advantage before that disappears along with my waistline.

A few hours into my de-junking project I got bored and ran to the grocery store to get that task out of the way. I raced through Harmons throwing basically anything vegetarian with protein into my cart and headed to the check-out line. Normally the cashiers are uber friendly, so it was really odd that the cashier barely spoke to me. The only time she looked up at me, she stared at me like she’d seen a ghost.

When I reached my car I checked the mirror to get apply Chapstick to my badly chapped lips, and noticed something absolutely disgusting. My entire mouth was covered in blood. I’m talking nasty vampire scene of blood dripping from my teeth.


Yeah, so bleeding gums are apparently yet another pregnancy symptom no one bothered to tell me about. This baby girl had better be worth it. OR ELSE.


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