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This and That

I’m going to do something a little different this week with the photo of the day. Instead of posting random snapshots from my iPhone, I’ll be posting photos of a pretty spectacular little boy and me. This is the little boy I’ll be walking for on Saturday at the Utah Autism Speaks Walk.

Thanks to The Kid‘s hard work, my previous dating column archives are all in one spot. Nerds are seriously the best thing ever! Well that and Tivo, which is technically the work of nerd so… oh, and Rlo. He’s the third best thing ever–even if he does drink the last of a shared Diet Coke in the movie. Actually, now that I think about it Rlo isn’t third, he’s fourth, Diet Coke is third.

Damn it. I changed my mind. Comcast Cable is the fourth best thing ever. Rlo is number five. So the order is: 1) Nerds 2) Tivo/DVR 3) Diet Coke 4) Comcast Cable 5) Rlo.

Why did Comcast make the list? As much as I love a good dose of sperm, TV seemed like hardly the place to get it.

To Tivo or Not to Tivo


  • I just had to comment to say that it’s hard to comment on some of the things you say. That is to say, any girl that says something like “As much as I love a good dose of sperm” on her blog is probably one of the coolest people ever.

  • my boyfriend works as a residential counselor at a treatment center for children, of all ages, with autism. they are such beautiful children, and as crazy as some of the stories are, i enjoy hearing about all the different kids he works with. its wonderful you are walking for such a cause as autism!

  • I too, enjoy a good dose of sperm.

  • Makes me sad we canceled cable.

  • blah i hate comcast. i got rid of them as a cable tv provider and i never look back. its all about the dish, not only does it look pretty on the roof but it also picks up tv signals.

  • Your support and your readers support of Autism Speaks is awesome.

    I don’t think I have EVER heard of somebody putting the cable company on their Best Things List. You must really like sperm.

  • Man i miss foxtel (the australian equivalent of cable)

    Sperm.. wtf? Maybe it was about… sperm.. whales.. ? =o) hahaha

  • I just got Comcast cable with a DVR myself. I can’t tell you how amazing an invention the DVR is. It’s almost better than chocolate!

    And I love sperm too.

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