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This is what they refer to as a case of the Mondays

I saw the weirdest billboard today. I was driving from Provo to Salt Lake City when I saw it.  It was a picture of a Utah license plate, but instead of ski Utah it read “Sedate Utah.”

What the fuck?

I think it was a billboard for a dentist, but still it just seems odd. I almost pulled over to take a picture, but speaking of sedated I was too damn tired. I’m emotionally and physically exhausted—family emergencies can do that to you. Everything is going to be OK, but it’s not something I feel comfortable talking about.

Also, I think it’s important to know that waiting rooms are the perfect place for ‘your mom’ jokes. It totally lightens the mood.


  • That’s a weird billboard, but I think Utah does have some strange ones. You know for Mormon clothing and such. You will have to let us know what the gimmick is with it when you find out. Sorry to hear you have been having a rough week with family stuff!

  • I had an embarrassing experience with ‘your mom’ last week. And no, that’s not the joke. My best friend’s mother died and we all went out to dinner for emotional support. She mentioned that something was dirty and then handed me a pregnant pause knowing fully well what I was going to do with it.

    I only made it through the first syllable before my face flushed red from embarrassment when I realized that it was not an opportune moment for your mom jokes. That just made them laugh all the harder.

  • That’s a little drastic for dental practice, no? Sedate the entire state? Even the people who aren’t getting dental work done? Even the people who don’t WANT to be sedated? I’ll tell you another thing…I am not afraid of the dentist, per say, but if I WERE afraid of the dentist, I don’t see how the idea of being unconscious in a room with all those sharp pokey tools would make me MORE apt to schedule my regular cleanings.

    What if the dentist is that crazy from the news who injected sperm into sedated patients’ mouths?

    Also, hugs. And valium.

  • please post a picture of the dental billboard.

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