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Today can blow me. Hard.

You know how some say that deaths always happen in three? They could… I really have no idea; I’ve never experienced that. Instead my life is all about things breaking in threes.

1)    The edges of my beloved MacBook are peeling off. It’s just cosmetic damage so not a complete tragedy, but it leaves sharp edges where my wrists rest which leaves me looking like a failed suicidal maniac. Awesome.

2)    If you read my Twitter you’re aware that my scooter battery is dead. Which wouldn’t be so horrific, but my driving test was scheduled for today. I love my little scooter, but have had nothing but problems with it. I guess that’s what I get for buying a cheap scooter off the Internet. Double awesome.

3)    And lastly, my microwave broke. I’m amazed the thing lasted this long. I should have ditched it years ago but it’s tiny and fits in my little kitchen. It may just be the first microwave ever! It used to live in my grandparents motor home… in the 80s. Now I have to try and find a small, inexpensive one that fits my midget kitchen. Triple awesome.

It could be much worse, I know. And those worse things? I’ll expect them tomorrow. Yay life.


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