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Today is the day Jesus Returns My Baby Brother

I was twelve when my baby brother, Chad, was born. I was a bratty pre-teen and horrified that my parents were even having sex let alone bringing home the result and expecting me to love him.

I already had three younger brothers. The last thing I needed was another one. I may have been more forgiving of their transgressions if they had brought home a baby girl.

But noooooooo, they brought home yet another stinky, pain in the ass brother.

I tried to remedy the situation by dressing him up like a girl as much as possible. I called him Chadina:

My parents found out what I was doing and that was the end of that. He still made a pretty cute boy though:

When I graduated from high school and moved away from home we were both brokenhearted. I was once again brokenhearted when he decided to serve a Mormon mission in Japan for two years.

It was a long two years without him, but he’s served his time and is headed home!

My parents flew to Japan last week to pick him up. Today they will bring home my baby brother, but today they will also bring home a man.


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