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Training Table Virgin

Last night I popped RLO’s cherry.  No, not that cherry, you perverts!  RLO has lived in Utah for years and not once has he been to the Training Table Restaurant,  which to me is a far worse sin than any word of wisdom infractions.

I’ve always loved Training Table. Years ago, when Tim was still alive we’d all go there for lunch. AK and I quoting the old school television commercials, while Tim just shook his head embarrassed to be seen with us. After Tim died, it took a while before any of us went back, but eventually we did.

We had to assemble a new lunch group.  We added JB and PMK to the mix, which I realized was a huge mistake when AK and JB fought over the proper way to mix the dipping sauce.  Who knew a fork and/or butter knife could cause such a controversy among nerds.

I was thrilled when RLO mixed the dipping sauce with a fork and didn’t feel the need to discuss his method.  RLO was just thrilled with the food.  So much, in fact, I had to photo shop the above picture to remove his hard nipples.  Internet, you owe me.


  • Sigh. I miss training table (my favorites are the All-American Cheesburger and chees fries w/ special dipping sauce). It’s the 3rd thing I miss the most about Utah….behind you and OC, of course. And coming in right above my family.

  • I haven’t been to training table in YEARS. They have the BEST cheese frieds… with the dipping sauce so barbequey and good (I put tabasco in mine.)

    I hope RLO was appropriately appreciative.

  • I love Training Table. The cheese fries are amazing, and it is a Utah original!

  • Not a clue what Training Table is, but I do like hard nipples.

    Photoshop them back in, please.

  • training table…i was a little worried about what kind of place this was. i would never have guessed it was an eating establishment. training table…ok.

  • I shouldn’t have read this so close to lunch. I am drooling over the food! I’ll have to make a trip to Utah just for this!

  • fork? knife? the proper way to mix the dipping sauce is with a cheese fry.

  • I don’t get the phone thing at Training Table. Do you leave a tip even though you get your own food?

  • I’m with Karen, never heard of Training Table but love me some hard nipples. With cheese sauce.

  • damn, I bet it’s been 10 years since I set foot in a Training Table. Hickory Burger + Bacon for the win!

  • mmmmmm cheese fries!

    the WORST part of living outside of Utah is that nobody knows what fry sauce is. nowhere serves it and you always have to make your own…and it is NEVER as good. not to mention the odd looks you get when you ask for a side of mayo.

  • I agree with Lillith – just use the fries to mix the dipping sauce. Although I am not a fan of the dipping sauce…I have been known to “lift” a few of the ketchup cups over the years and they now have a new home in Chicago.

  • Mmmm, naught but the treat of seeing the hardened nipples of RLO while eating what one may only assume to be aioli sauce could have lifted the saddened mood in which I currently reside. But alack, you have rudely shopped them clear out of my vision, just as you removed his own precious hymen in the very same post. But, for these minor wrongs you have done to me, I forgive you, and await with open arms like the prodigal’s father. May you, the now de-lactated and de-hymen’d RLO, PB and J, and the AK’s (a.k. all of thy closest friends) be ever mirthful at this restaurant :-D.

  • Forgive me, but I had forgotten to mention that my quiz results yielded much truth, not unlike your own! Two peas in a can of peas, I always say 😉

  • Duh! everyone knows you mix the dipping sauce with a knife!

  • Training table…mmmm…greasy fries. Next paycheck I’m gonna have to splurge and go there!

  • You are all wrong. The super long spoons are for mixing the dipping sauce. Also, add a little bit of ketchup and it last longer.

  • I went to the Training Table for the first time a few months ago when I was visiting family in Utah. Those cheese fries rocked! The whole phone thing was kind of weird to me but it was fun.

  • I don’t mix the dipping sauce at all. I just double dip.

  • ewww I can’t believe you like Training Table. I went to the Training Table on 400 South a few years back and that is the last time I WILL EVER eat at one of those shit holes again.

    The place is dirty, the service is slow and horrible, and the food is WAY overpriced and VERY small portions.

    I’m actually a bit surprised you like this place. Oh well.

  • Seriously, can you two just start dating already and get it over with?

  • Ok, when you mentioned a few days ago that you were craving cheese fries, I was totally going to tell you to meet me at Training Table, but then that sounded too stalker-ish so I didn’t.

    I personally like to mix my dipping sauce with a cheese fry. You start in the BBQ side and swipe it right through the mayo side. That way it’s 70% BBQ 30% mayo.

    And that last sentence just illustrated what a complete OCD asswad I really am.

    (PS: Thanks for the comment you left. You’re too kind!)

  • Andi: I would meet you there for cheese fries anytime, but I would make you promise to mix the sauce when I wasn’t looking. My OCD only allows mixing with utensils to prevent straight mayo from touching my food. Email me, we’ll go!

  • God I love the Training Table! This place is my mom’s favorite and when she moved to TN in May, my sister and I went and took pictures of the food and emailed them to her. My favorite is the Ranch burger, cheese fries, special dipping sauce and a coke. Mmm-mmm!

  • Last time I went to the training table I got a salad that was sitting in an inch of cold water. UGh. I can’t shake the memory. What do you order there that is actually good? I guess if you are going somewhere that is famous for burgers, you should just get a damn burger and not try to go the healthy route with a salad. I’ll give that a try next time.

  • Why is everyone always telling you to date RLO. Isn’t he gay?

  • God I miss the Training Table and Crown Burger. Post something about Crown Burger! I am drooling on my keyboard.

    (Left Utah in 94)

  • Whenever I visit Andi, I am always shocked when driving past that something called “The Training Table” is actually somewhere you can go to consume food. I expect to see bulky dudes in athletic supporters getting rubbed down by their team therapists. Sweat and cuisine are an iffy combo, IMO.

    However, Andi has never mentioned these so-called “cheese fries”. I may be singing a new tune.


  • …cheese fries??!?!!? That’s the last thing that I need.

  • Or…perhaps it’s EXACTLY what you need…

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