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Tuesday Night Suckage

I have a friend who doesn’t have cable or Internet access at home. Can you imagine? I couldn’t, so I wanted to see if I could handle it. I couldn’t. At all.

Tuesday Night
7:30 Home from class.
7:32 Staring at my TV wondering what the red light on my Tivo is recording.
7:35 Still staring.
7:40 Going crazy wondering what DAMN SHOW I AM MISSING! Maybe grocery shopping will help.
8:20 Grocery shopping done. Cold cereal and cottage cheese put away. Now what?
8:24 A vodka tonic, that’s what!
8:26 Riding the elliptical.
8:36 Not riding the elliptical. Without TV to take my mind of exercising, I’m fully aware that I’m exercising. Uggg, boring.
8:45 OK, yoga. I like doing yoga.
9:00 SHIIIIITTT! I don’t like doing yoga on my own—can’t remember poses correctly. Need program from Tivo for proper workout.
9:02 I’ll catch up on some reading. I still need to finish the Obama book and there are three past New Yorkers I’ve not read yet, plus school reading. I suck.
9:03 Hmmm… What to read first. Listing pros and cons of starting with different readings.
9:08 Can’t decide. Maybe a vodka tonic will help.
9:10 Yup! Decided on magazine reading.
9:13 Phone call from hooker George. Talking super slow to take up more time. He’s Texan, he won’t notice.
9:27 Wondering if Twitter via phone counts. I really want to twitter how hard this is.
9:28 Really, it’s my phone not my computer, it shouldn’t count. Hmmm..
9:29 Should get back to reading, but my focus is gone. Way, way gone.
9:31 Putting moisturizer on my face for the fourth time tonight. If I break out I’m gonna blame my friend for putting this crazy idea into my head. He sucks.
9:32 Staring at face in the mirror watching to see if any zits surface. Consequently wondering if zits could appear that fast. Probably not.
9:34 Whew, nothing.
9:35 Damn my bathroom could use a good cleaning.
9:36 Remembering fondly the time I manipulated Ben into cleaning it for me. Hmm… Wonder when he’s back in town. I could possibly talk him into it. Wait, I have no idea when he’s back and I can’t check my email to find out.
9:37 Does phone email count? Compromising with Internet addicted self: outgoing mail is OK, past mail notsomuch.
9:40 Clock watching. How early can I go to bed without seeming pathetic.
9:45 Fuck this! I’m taking an Ambien and going to bed.


  • I think this is a case of the appealing forbidden. You could probably lessen, if not entirely give up, the amount of time you use the internet and cable as long as it isn’t absolutely forbidden for you to use them.

    I haven’t had cable since I lived at my mom’s house years ago, and I honestly haven’t missed it, because most of what’s on is junk. I still watch TV. We use a digital signal antenna, so we pick up about twice as many channels as normal network TV, so there’s usually something to watch. I get CW, Fox, several PBSes, and a couple scary religious channels. What would I watch that’s not on those channels? What Not to Wear. If I could just order TLC, and maybe the Discovery Channel and the Food Network, I’d be good. But for the rest of it, like Big Love, and the Riches, I borrow DVDs from the library. TV is so much better on DVD.

    The internet is a different matter. I’m trying to limit how much I use it at home since I use it all day at work. And even though being on the internet all day is now considered normal and not nerdy, I don’t want too much of my real life to be consumed in virtual land.

    It’s much easier to limit these things when it’s warm outside… sigh.

  • I drank a lot when I didn’t have cable or internet access.

  • Friend or “FRIEND”??? I can’t imagine giving up technology for anyone, even if its just 1 night.

  • I always wonder what’s recording when the record light on the DVR is on…. such a great invention – i don’t know how I ever watched TV live.

  • Ak! No cable or internet?!? I couldn’t do it. Kudos to you for even trying. I realized that it takes at least 3 days without internet access to forget the urge to check my email. Although, I think checking up on my blogs was a harder thing to get over.

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