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Twitter me this

I’d give you a decent blog post today, but I’m far too busy obsessing over how great Twitter is.  I’ve been using Twitter for ages, but am especially liking it the more I find friends and co-workers using it.

There are a couple Twitter flaws that drive me crazy, but those are more user based.  I hate that speaking teen seems to be a fluent language on Twitter, and the made-up words.  Those I can do without, but there are some pretty great things about this service.

For example I like seeing new users who clearly have pretty damn amazing taste and follow only the best:

I also love that even Twitter can see how much RLO looks up to me.  I’m larger than life in RLO’s eyes, at least according to the Twitter search function.

If you’re not using Twitter you should be. Because how else are you going to know every single move RLO makes?


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