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Visible Love

I saw them again today at the bus stop. Once again my heart melted, which is good because it proves I had a heart in the first place.


  • Rockin’…looks like the got all fancied up to go to the red door…or port-o-call…

  • Thanks for sharing – it’s cheesy, but it made me feel like there’s a chance for me, too. Give it up for older lovers!

  • Sarah Nielson – undercover love surveillance agent! I like it.

  • I am going to freak out if you have oldie porn out the next time I come over.

  • I never doubted that you had a heart.

  • daisy = proof you have a heart

    stalking the old couple still in love = you’re a romantic too.

  • The sight of such a lovely, crusted couple maketh my loins swell up like a hot air balloon.

    What a travesty 🙂

  • Oh my gosh, I love this pic! I hope that my husband and I are like that when we get older! Of course we have to wait till the kids are older so we can get a chance to even stand together! LOL!

  • That is so sweet… And kudos to them for staying together for so long. Unless they’re not on their first marriage. (Wow, am I negative today or what?)

  • That is so tender. I can’t even get my BF to kiss me in the backyard, let alone on the street!

  • oh YAY! Thanks for the picture.

    So sweet.

  • My comment is about your twitter. Feeling guilty ab. spending more on booze than food? Don’t!!! That’s the ex-Mormon guilt creeping up on you…..just beware…..

  • Awww, I <3 old people love. It gives a body hope.

  • thoughts on the comment amy made: does it really matter if it isn’t their first marriage? is love between older people less valuable if found late in life? personally i don’t care if they just met, the publicly expressed affection is just as sweet.

  • They kinda look like temple workers just getting off their shift of doing whatever old people who are temple workers do inside there. But, temple workers or not, you’re right, it’s kinda cute.

  • Temple workers for sure.

  • I think that’s beautiful! It gives us all hope that we can achieve that…and we know you have a heart. You can fool us, baby!

  • I think that’s a great fuck you to the hateful bitter commenters in the last post about them. This stuff DOES exist and it’s really good for the soul to be reminded of it.

  • Life Made Me Bitter

    I hate to be so cynical, but for all you know, one of them is probably married… to someone else! And the reason why they’re so loving and cuddly is because the excitement of being caught is the only thing keeping them from begging the Grim Reaper to take them away.

    I’m not being cruel on purpose but I’m just trying to point out that things are not always what they seem. Don’t let your fantasies and idealistic unicorn-filled world get in the way of cold, hard reality.

    I just read in the newspapers the other day about a 76-year-old man who left his wife of 52 years after she found out about the affair he was having with a much younger woman and reprimanded him. In spite of his lying, cheating scumbag/asshole ways, she was begging him to come back on national newspapers.

    Love is disappointment waiting to happen. At least, for some of us.

  • It’s true love because she looks like she’s swinging her purse as if she’s happy and content. She’d skip if she wasn’t afraid she’d break a hip!

  • They obviously work at the temple.

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