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Walking for Autism

Yesterday was the First World Autism Awareness Day, but you know this because you are aware, right?

On May 3rd I am taking part in the Utah Autism Speaks Walk. I encourage anyone who can to donate to this cause. It would mean a lot to me and a lot to the family I’m walking for. We are team Big MAK–if you want to help us, donate directly to my page here. Thanks to everyone who has already donated, and thanks in advance to those that do. You’re going to, right? I have the best readers around! If you’re interested in the organization, read their site: Autism Speaks Website .

Why I Walk
Why I walk?

I’m walking for this brave little boy, and his incredible family. I’ve watched him growing up over the past eight years, and it breaks my heart to see him growing bigger, but not develop the way other, more fortunate, children do.

He says very few words, but the day he said my name was a day I’ll never forget. The very few times he does say “Sarrrrrah” I cry for him, for his family and for the other children affected with this disease. He can’t tell me he loves me, but each time he hugs me I know he does. I whisper, “I love you” into his ear each time I leave their house, and I pray that he understands me. One in every 150 US children is diagnosed with Autism. This is unacceptable, and frankly terrifies me; someday I want a child and I want that child to have better odds. So I walk.


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